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Salaries of Agents for Call Centers and Contact Centers in the Philippines

The call center/contact center industry is one of the fastest growing industries in the Philippines today. Call centers and other voice-related services constitute the bulk of Philippine IT-BPO, having raked in $5 billion of the country’s total $7.2 billion revenue in 2009 alone. As the Philippine call center industry continues to grow, salaries for local call center agents are expected to register a continuous increase in the coming years. The industry currently employs over 300,000 people, with numbers still expected to increase in the coming years. Call centers in the Philippines offer both inbound and outbound services, including online support, customer care, technical services, and many more. To date, there are over 100 registered call centers and contact centers in the Philippines, with more and more foreign-based companies setting up operations in the Philippines every year. The Philippines is considered a preferred location for foreign call centers and contact centers because of its English literate workforce, low start-up costs, and affordable salaries. Salaries and wages for call center and contact center agents Manila, Philippines start at the following rates:

Monthly Salaries

  • Entry-level Customer Support Agents – US$300 – US$400
  • Experienced Customer Support Agent – US$450 – US$550
  • Team Lead Agents – US$650 – US$900
  • Project Manager or Assistant Manager – US$1000 – US$1,500
  • Manager – US$1,500 – US$3,000
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