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Salaries and Wages for Developers and Programmers in Manila, Philippines

Outsourcing web development and programming is an emerging industry in the Philippines and specifically Manila. Considered as one of the leading Information Technology (IT) destinations in Southeast Asia, the Philippines boasts a large number of web-related services, including web development, programming, animation, and many more. The Philippines is considered an ideal IT destination because of its English literate workforce, large pool of college graduates, globally competitive labor force, cheaper salaries for IT workers, and numerous IT-related tax incentives. Salaries and wages in the Philippine IT industry start at the following rates:

Monthly Salaries

  • Entry-level from average school – US$350
  • Entry-level from top schools – US$450
  • Experienced – US$600 – US$900
  • Very Experienced – US$1,000 – US$1,500
  • Project Manager – US$1,500 – US$2,000
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