For Hire: Accounting Officer for a company based in Makati City
Position title
Accounting Officer
  • Responsible overseeing billing, follow-up and receipt of payments from clients done by Accounting Assistant.
    • Discusses with concerned Account Executive regarding billing issues encountered to ensure prompt collection of payment.
  • Responsible overseeing all Disbursements to Principals, Suppliers and Service Providers done by Accounting Assistant, and performs the following as necessary.
    • Revises draft PO from Sales
    • Reviews accuracy of PO versus BOM, supplier quotation, validates applicable taxes (VAT and Royalty Tax)
    • Prepares bank telegraphic transfer forms Applies for remittance of funds in case of payment to foreign principals.
    • Submits to President for Approval/Signature
    • Purchases dollars for payment to foreign principals
    • Prepares checks for disbursement
    • Prepares CVs for President/GM Approval.
    • Review and handles processing of Sales documentation (Deal Registration Form, Bill Of Material, Commissions, Contracts)
    • Reviews and signs-off DRFs and BOMs
    • Ensures completeness of required documentation before endorsement of approval to the President and General Manager
    • Reviews Commission statements of Sales people before endorsement to the President and General Manager
    • Reviews contracts with customers and service providers regarding terms and conditions. Identifies risk exposure and discusses these with the concerned employee and Management.
    • Directly coordinates with foreign principals
    • Confirms maintenance renewals to Partners coordinated with AEs
    • Communicates with foreign suppliers regarding Tax treaty relief availment
    • Requests documents required by BIR in relation to deals/transactions.
  • Prepares all Compensation reports and Government Benefits Remittances.
    • Processes mid-month, month-end and 13th month pay using company's HRIS and payroll system
    • Responds to queries on payroll
    • Conducts payroll related orientation to new hires and before regularization
    • Processes Maternity Leave Pay
    • Last Pay Computation and Payout
    • Generates BIR form 2316 for employees year-end and for resigned.
    • Prepares Annualization file in preparation for year-end reporting and regular tax of employees
    • Provides annual reports on compensation to Management and dissemination to all EEs
    • Prepares and processes SSS HDMF PHIC and BIR (1601C) remittance reports and endorses for President approval of Payment.
  • Coordinates w Bank Representatives/Managers for company account maintenance; investments and completion of necessary documents related to the transactions.
    • Obtains updated interest rates for potential additional placements
    • Confirms rollover of short-term investments
    • Monitors dollar exchange rate for USD requirement and investment
    • Prepares and submits documentary requirements of account opening, updating, etc, signed by Authorized Signatories
  • Supervision and review of uploaded/transmitted accounting documents to Outsourced Accountants
    • Clarifies and defines how bookkeepers should handle transactions
    • Oversees transmittal of accounting documents to external bookkeepers for recording and does transmittal of payroll related documents/entries.
    • Communicates errors and mis posting to books, pre and post FS reporting
    • Checks and validates FS reports submitted by bookkeepers versus source documents.
    • Defines new accounting treatment of transactions for implementation and recording as confirmed by Management.
    • Handles tax and other accounting related referrals to Lawyers and Auditors
    • Handles BIR assessments, prepares all schedules, makes reconciliation to support NIC/PAN/FAN
    • Does BIR Recon as needed for assessments and consulted with the Lawyers
    • Coordinates legal documentation and responses to BIR thru Lawyers
    • Monitors referrals to lawyers made by Accounting (Special projects e.g. Royalty taxes, Stock Transfers
      e. Prepares all documentary requirements for submission to BIR (for BIR assessments)
    • Coordinates interim and annual audit of books for yearend financial statements.

Periodic Job Duties:

  • Government Mandated Reports
    • Prepares and processes
    • SSS Contributions/loans remittance form and bank receipt HDMF contributions/loans remittance form and bank receipt
    • PHIC Contributions remittance form and bank receipt
    • BIR form 1601C (Withheld taxes on Compensation)
    • BIR 1604CF (Annual report of withheld taxes on compensation)
    • Alpha list to be submitted to BIR in a CD with EE 2316 soft cop

For Review and Payment Processing

  • BIR 1600, Withholding VAT (for foreign transactions)
  • BIR 1601E, Expanded Withholding tax EWT (for all local purchases)
  • BIR 1601F Final Withholding Tax FWT (for foreign purchases)
  • BIR 2550M/Q Value Added Tax, 12% (Output for Sales minus Input tax for Purchases)
  • BIR 1603 Fringe Benefits Tax (for Supervisory employees)
  • BIR 1702Q Income Tax Return (Based on Revenues, net income)
  • BIR 1702 Annual income tax return (based on Audited FS)
  • BIR 0605 Annual Registration Form
  • Accounting Books of Accounts (Sales, Purchases, General Journal, General Ledger) Submits to BIR in a CD
  • Other Reports
    • Weekly Cash position report
    • Update AP and AR schedule for the week
    • Presents F/S to Mancom
  • Responsible for ensuring that qualified commission payments are paid out as scheduled; reviews commission statements submitted by Sales personnel before endorsement to the GM.
  • Other Job Duties:
    • Attends in MPR and follows-up action to be done by the Sales people (Sales TO DO) including outstanding AR for action.
    • Coordination with HR Officer regarding results of Physical Asset Inventory and implementing the necessary adjustment in Lapsing schedule/InfoAsset data to be used for financial statement.
    • Undertakes special projects related to accounting as may be assigned.
    • Meets with Bank reps re: investments and transactions
    • Completed requirements for tax clearance for Philgeps
    • Releases per diem for foreign travel
    • Preparation of Certificate of contribution to Philhealth
    • Validates all scanned and indexed documents (DRF Scanning and Report Generation Project)
    • Facilitates Budget planning - endorses budget for president approval
    • Documents yearly incentive plan for Sales and other departments, and other accounting procedures for implementation
  • Education Level : Bachelor’s Degree/College Degree
  • Field of Studies : Accountancy or equivalent
  • Experience : Minimum of 5 years experienced in a similar or subordinate jobs
  • Qualifications :
    • Solid knowledge of bookkeeping and accounting principles, laws and regulations
    • Attention to detail and accuracy
    • Excellent analytical skills to manage large amounts of data
    • Proficient in MS Excel
    • IT industry experience is a plus

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Position: Accounting Officer

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