For Hire: Security Audit Engineer in BGC, Taguig City
Position title
Security Audit Engineer
  • Responsible for the basic maintenance and user training related to the company's information security projects
  • Responsible for network security project related strategy development, implementation, perfection, vulnerability repair and other work;.
  • Provide security inspection, vulnerability check, penetration test, security assessment, security audit, security reinforcement and other services for each information system.
  • For the company's security level requirements, develop annual audit planning, monthly audit plan, output audit weekly report, audit monthly report
  • Combine with the company's security management system, conduct security information management training for the company's relevant departments on a graded basis; and conduct regular security information inspections and security examinations for important core departments
  • Applicants must be a PERMANENT RESIDENT in the Philippines
  • Bachelor degree or above, with at least 2 years of relevant working experience in security, network, system
  • Strong learning ability, hands-on ability and problem solving ability.
  • Proficient in mainstream information security technologies and products, with experience in risk assessment, security service projects.
  • Familiar with network equipment, the main operating system (windows, linux) security assessment, security reinforcement work, familiar with hacker attack and defense technology, able to deal with sudden security events.
  • Skilled use of common office software.
  • Be down-to-earth and sincere, with good professional ethics and execution. Have strong communication and coordination skills, understanding and written expression ability.
  • Work rigorously, conscientious and responsible, strong patience and sense of responsibility, good organization and coordination, good teamwork skills

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Retail Gaming
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BGC, Taguig City
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Position: Security Audit Engineer

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