Senior Game Engineer
Position title
Senior Game Engineer
  • Architect and implement complex in-game features for an existing game in development
  • Ensure performance of the game by reducing memory usage, efficient asset management, improving load times and improving rendering performance
  • Assistance with implementation of art, animation, audio and VFX
  • Collaborate with the designer to iterate on existing features in order to further improve gameplay
  • Write unity editor extensions as needed
  • Contribute any visual improvement to the game such as shaders, post processing effects, etc.
  • Study and research new trends that are emerging in new games and identify those that can be used to improve our own games.
  • Update unity asset store assets we use, identify useful features for each update.
  • Research new assets in the unity asset store that we can use to save time on development.
  • Research and implement any required frameworks and perform any work related to certification for specific platforms (Nintendo, Steam, etc.)
  • Maintain a library of game agnostic code and features that we can make use of for future projects.
  • Ability to build and lead a small engineering team
  • Credited on at least two commercial games from start to finish
  • A wizard at using Unity, C# and familiarity with common plugins
  • A natural knack for building good game architecture
  • Experience in multiple aspects of game programming such as tools, gameplay, AI, performance, UI, and graphics
  • Able to manage self and work totally unsupervised
  • Game enthusiast, stays up to date on trends

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Employment Type
Job Location
Base Salary
P 60000
Date posted
29th April 2020
Valid through
30th June 2020
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Position: Senior Game Engineer

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