For Hire: Investment Manager for a company based in BGC
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Investment Manager

The Investment Manager plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing investment portfolios on behalf of the organization or its clients. This role involves making informed investment decisions, conducting financial analysis, and monitoring portfolio performance to achieve financial objectives. As an individual contributor, the Investment Manager will also assist in the management of the investments made by the Company through coordinating with third party service providers and maintaining relationships with investors and clients of the Company.

Portfolio Management:

  • Develop and implement investment strategies aligned with the organization's financial goals and risk tolerance.
  • Manage and monitor investment portfolios, ensuring they are well-diversified and in
    line with the investment policy.
  • Analyze market trends, economic conditions, and industry-specific factors to make
    informed investment decisions.
  • Allocate assets strategically to maximize returns while managing risk.

Research and Analysis:

  • Conduct in-depth financial analysis of potential investments, including company
    financials, industry trends, and market dynamics.
  • Create comprehensive term sheets outlining the terms and conditions of financial
    transactions, such as loans, investments, or mergers and acquisitions.
  • Customize term sheets to meet the specific needs of each transaction, considering
    factors such as interest rates, repayment terms, and collateral.
  • Develop offers and proposals for potential business deals, partnerships, or investment opportunities.
  • Stay updated on market news and events that could impact the portfolio's performance.
  • Use financial models and analytical tools to evaluate investment opportunities.
  • Constantly on the hunt for new investment opportunities ensuring that these will
    materialize and generate business.

Risk Management:

  • Identify, assess, and mitigate investment risks.
  • Develop risk management strategies to protect the portfolio from adverse market
  • Monitor and adjust investment positions as needed to maintain risk tolerance levels.

Performance Monitoring:

  • Track the performance of investment portfolios and provide regular reports to senior
    management or clients.
  • Evaluate investment performance against benchmarks and make necessary adjustment to enhance returns.

Client Relations:

  • Build and maintain strong relationships with clients or stakeholders, providing them
    with investment updates and addressing their concerns.

Regulatory Compliance:

  • Ensure that all investment activities comply with relevant financial regulations and
    industry standards.
  • Maintain accurate and organized records of all financial documentation, including term sheets, offers, and financial models.

Team Leadership:

  • Manage and be accountable for the work and well-being of the Investment Associates and Analysts.
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, such as research, compliance, and operations.
  • Applicants must be a PERMANENT RESIDENT in the Philippines
  • Bachelor's degree in finance, economics, business, or a related field; a master's degree (e.g.,MBA, CFA) is highly essential.
  • 4+ years of experience in investment management, with a proven track record of successful investment and portfolio management.
  • Strong financial modeling and analytical skills.
    Excellent knowledge of financial markets, investment instruments, and risk management.
  • Proficiency in using financial software and tools.
  • Strong communication and presentation skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure and make decisions in fast-paced environments.
  • Understanding of relevant regulatory frameworks and compliance standards.

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