Recruitment and Talent Sourcing Services in the Philippines

KC Global Talent Solutions assists companies of all sizes in acquiring top talent in the Philippines to fill their vacancies, from rank-and-file to specialized positions. Our Recruiters and Headhunters utilize multiple recruitment methods to attract top-performing candidates from the competitive Philippine job market.

We maintain a talent pool consisting of experienced candidates and continuously source for active and passive candidates through our wide access to various industry networks in the Philippines.

Our Recruitment Process

Our team of recruiters specializes in various industries in the Philippines. Our recruitment process lasts between 30-45 working days, depending on the client’s requirements and availability of talent in the labor pool.

KCG will conduct the following:

  • Discuss Requirements with Client
  • Develop Recruitment Strategies
  • Source Active and Passive Candidates
  • Initial Interview with our Recruiters
  • Shortlisting
  • Background Check
  • Endorsement to Client for Interview
  • Assistance in Onboarding
  • Post-Recruitment Coordination with Client and Candidate

Why Avail Our Recruitment Services

Contingent Recruitment

As a contingent-based recruitment firm in the Philippines, we only charge clients for successful placements. We won’t charge any fees until after we endorse the right candidate/s to fill your vacancies. Our services are also non-exclusive, allowing our clients to work with other recruitment firms while engaged with us.

Knowledgeable of the Philippine Labor Force

The Philippines’ labor force size is currently at 45.5 million, and it is comprised of college-educated and high-skilled professionals. The age group with the most significant number of employed individuals consists of 25 to 34 year-olds, a demographic with a suitable amount of work experience and ability to adapt to different work environments. These factors are favorable for our recruitment process as we only endorse the top 5% of the country’s labor pool to your company.

Post-Placement Coordination

Our recruiters maintain communication with both our clients and candidates after the candidate’s employment to facilitate transparent relationships between both parties. We analyze talent performance, address issues that might come up, and discuss them with both parties to identify areas requiring improvement.

One-Time Free Talent Replacement

We offer one-time free talent replacement for mismatched or underperforming hired candidates. This free replacement is covered in our 3-month guarantee period clause and only applicable during the candidate’s first three months of employment in the company.

However, we require clients to provide proper documentation and proof of the employee’s underperformance or skills mismatch during their employment before we provide a replacement.

Hire the right talent for your workforce.

Our extensive knowledge of best practices in recruitment will help you acquire candidates from various industries in the Philippines.