Recruitment Services in the Philippines

KC Global Talent Solutions assists companies in acquiring the top performers from the competitive Philippine job market. We work closely with clients to understand their human resource needs and provide Recruitment and Executive Search services. Our team of Recruiters and Headhunters use innovative methodologies and the best practices in sourcing qualified candidates from the Philippines’ skilled and educated workforce.

We provide services to companies located in major cities in Metro Manila, such as Makati City, Bonifacio Global City (BGC), Manila City, Quezon City, Pasig City and Mandaluyong City. We also have dedicated teams in booming cities outside the Metro, like Bacolod City, Clark City, Iloilo City, Subic Bay, Baguio City, Cebu City, and Davao City.

The country’s average GDP growth of 6.68% since 2017 has demonstrated its capacity to provide companies a growing economy to thrive in. Its favorable business climate has helped existing companies grow and encouraged foreign investors to set up new businesses in the country. The relatively large Filipino labor force has benefited from these businesses, resulting in a tight labor market and competitive talent sourcing for job seekers with high qualifications and impressive academic credentials.

To bring in the top 10% performers of the Philippines’ talent powerhouse and endorse them to our clients, we make use of advanced online tools and specialized database management to filter application profiles and identify the most suitable applicants to fulfill their employment requirements. Our selection process utilizes Google’s Boolean Search tool to mine online talent resources. We also source candidates offline through our wide industry networks.

Globally, many businesses today are challenged by the shortage of qualified candidates due to the use of generic job descriptions that often attract more unfit candidates than qualified ones. We address this problem through our unique talent identification strategy which includes formulating specific language in the job description and precisely defining the skill set and level of experience to attract only the right people for the required role. This strategy is significantly lacking in today’s global recruitment landscape but has a high success rate in placing the most qualified candidates.

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