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Why Companies Should Consider Hybrid Recruitment
Why Companies Should Consider Hybrid Recruitment

How to Implement Hybrid Recruitment in the Hiring Process

What this article will cover:

  • What is Hybrid Recruitment
  • Hybrid Recruitment Process and Strategies
  • Advantages of Hybrid Recruitment

Organizations have different ways when it comes to conducting their talent acquisition process. However, when the pandemic started, companies rapidly moved to recruit candidates online. Now in the new normal world where COVID-19 protocols and restrictions lessened, hiring entities have been adapting to hybrid recruitment, a mix of in-person and virtual headhunting. 

To learn more about hybrid recruitment, this article will focus on the strategies, processes, and advantages of utilizing hybrid recruitment in your hiring process.

What is Hybrid Recruitment?

Hybrid Recruitment is a strategy that maximizes the advantages of combining both overall processes of virtual and in-person hiring. This helps organizations to do recruitment more efficiently and conveniently since this approach allows them to save time and effort. 

The pandemic has solidified not only the rise of hybrid recruitment but also the demand for remote or hybrid work arrangements. It has further pushed companies into hastening the incorporation of these emerging work arrangements and technologies as part of their business operations to prosper during those challenging times.

Hybrid Recruitment Process and Strategies

Even during the pre-pandemic, we have been utilizing hybrid recruitment as part of our overall sourcing and hiring strategies, pushing us to be more resilient and flexible with the challenges we face. This has greatly helped us in making successful placements for our clients’ hiring needs.

Listed below are some of the hybrid recruitment processes and strategies we practice in sourcing and hiring high-performing candidates:

  1. Role Clarity and Feasibility. Before we start our sourcing process, we first analyze what our client needs for various roles based on the job descriptions and requirements. This gives us a clearer understanding of what and who we are looking for to fill the position and whether this person would be a possible best fit for the company.
  2. Delegation per Function. Our team is composed of seasoned recruitment consultants, each specializing in a function-specific requirement. It also helps that our consultants are very knowledgeable in the said function to conduct proper and skill-based interviews.
  3. Digital Recruitment. Being active and familiar with different online job portals, social media platforms, and other professional channels aids us in getting visibility for your job opportunities, making it possible for us to approve both active and passive candidates. It also provides a wider reach in terms of location.
  4. In-Person or Virtual Interviews. Conducting hybrid interviews gives us and our clients more flexibility. Nowadays, most of our clients prefer virtual interviews with their shortlisted candidates. However, we also credit face-to-face interviews for their more interpersonal appeal to applicants.
  5. Satisfy Candidate Experience. We are the bridge between the candidates and our clients. As much as possible, we always do our best to keep both sides updated with the latest developments to access relevant information that is vital in their decision-making.

Following these strategies and introducing them into your hiring process can help you realize whether hybrid recruitment is applicable to your company on a trial-and-error basis. Proper execution and discernment should be practiced to make efforts effective and fruitful.

Advantages of Hybrid Recruitment

Hybrid recruitment is beneficial mostly for those employers who want to know their candidates personally. However, the difference is the entire talent acquisition process is a mix of in-person and virtual recruitment processes.

Below are the advantages of incorporating hybrid recruitment into your organization’s headhunting process:

  1. Flexibility. Recruiters who incorporate a hybrid method in their recruitment process have more flexibility as they can source and interview candidates online. On the other hand, it is still best advised to do an in-person interview for roles that are more technical or may need to be assessed for non-verbal communication.
  2. Time Efficient. Usually, it takes several interviews before hiring a candidate. Using the hybrid method in recruitment can save time as interviews can be scheduled at the most convenient time.
  3. Improves Hiring Speed. Traditional recruitment usually requires applicants to visit the office in person in order for them to conduct the hiring process. The hybrid method can expedite the process, as some interviews and tests can be conducted virtually.
  4. More Access to a Wider Range of Talents. A hybrid recruitment process can help you source candidates in a wider range of areas, as applicants who live far away from your office can be interviewed virtually. Online interviews mostly work, especially for those roles that can be done remotely.
  5. Saves Money. Traditional recruitment usually costs a lot of funds, mainly for venue rental, travel, printed materials, and so on. These expenses can be lessened as hybrid recruitment offers remote exams and interviews.

Even with the issues arising from fraudulent recruitment schemes, doing hybrid recruitment is still considered a useful approach in sourcing and hiring top talents as long as you disassociate your brand from these deceitful activities.

Utilize Hybrid Recruitment as Part of Your Hiring Process

Technological advancement and the rise of flexible work arrangements have truly changed the business landscape, opening opportunities for a more employee-centric way of working. This has validated the fact that the utilization of advanced technological tools is the future of doing business.

If you need assistance with your hiring needs, you may outsource your recruitment process to recruitment firms that are experienced in finding and selecting the right candidates.

Explore Hybrid Recruitment with Us

With experienced and expert recruitment consultants, our team can assist you in securing high-performing talents to suit your hiring needs.

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