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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services in the Philippines
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Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services in the Philippines

We provide Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) Services to local and foreign companies seeking to reduce their recruitment costs by outsourcing to a service provider in the Philippines. 

Our recruitment consultants will help you fill your vacancies with the right talent, using experience-based methods and our extensive industry contacts. Aside from filling your vacancies, we will also help improve your in-house recruitment process, so you can better filter candidates, cut unnecessary costs, and streamline the hiring process.


Why Avail Our RPO Services

Cut Recruitment Costs Without Sacrificing Quality

Cost savings are among the primary benefits of RPOs. But it shouldn’t equate with poor quality. At ITS, we maintain quality in all our placements to ensure you get your money’s worth. 

End-to-End Services

We handle every aspect of the recruitment process to ensure continuity. From sourcing candidates to onboarding your chosen applicants, our consultants have available tools in place to make the recruitment process easier and faster for you. 

Dedicated Consultants

We deploy dedicated consultants for each engagement to ensure consistency, quality, and accountability. Our consultants are also trained on how to represent clients to potential candidates as well as how to market their organization as an ideal workplace.

Source Candidates Faster

With our large recruitment database and wide industry contacts, sourcing candidates for your vacancies will be considerably shorter compared to the average time it takes for internal recruiters to endorse applicants to you. 

Flexible Terms

Clients can avail our RPO services for a minimum of three months. But we can adjust the actual duration of engagement depending on the client’s requirements. 

Ideal for Bulk Requirements

Our RPO services are ideal for companies with mass hiring requirements. With fair rates and fast turnaround time, clients can significantly cut costs, shorten the hiring duration, and effectively filter top candidates from countless applications. 

Looking for a Recruitment Process Outsourcing Provider in the Philippines?

We provide end-to-end RPO services to local and foreign businesses in the Philippines.

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