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Staff Leasing

Staff Leasing Services in the Philippines

The current global trend on outsourcing technical and back office job functions to developing countries such as the Philippines continues to grow quickly. The country’s massive talent pool has been filling job vacancies around the world and helping foreign companies based in North America, Australia, Singapore, and Western Europe optimize business operations while minimizing operational costs at the same time.

The Philippines boasts thousands of graduates every year in the fields of IT, finance, administration, marketing, and medical science. Labor costs in the country are 50%-80% less compared to those from affluent Western nations, making it an ideal location to set up a dedicated remote staff that delivers the same work output quality, but with a fraction of the cost.

Courtesy of our partnership with our sister company, KMC Solutions, we have placed hundreds of skilled Filipino professionals to provide outsourced job functions to our cross-border and international clients. A dedicated team at KMC Solutions provides Staff Leasing, Augmentation, and Outsourcing services while we take care of the recruitment and HR Consulting concerns. We have extensive knowledge of the best cost-effective measures you can use to establish your offshore staff in the Philippines.

We utilize a simple 5-step process in helping you set-up your dedicated teams here in the Philippines:

  1. You provide the job requirements
  2. We source for qualified candidates
  3. We offer you the option to interview potential employees (via Skype, phone or face-to-face)
  4. We onboard your chosen candidates and provide the team with private offices and advanced tools and infrastructures
  5. Your full-time dedicated employees report to you daily while we handle the HR management and payroll processes

If you wish to know more about the additional Staff Leasing services and benefits we provide, you can read on below:

  • We will help you construct an equal allocation of the job functions and responsibilities, ensuring the creation of a team capable of producing your desired work output on or before your desired due date
  • You can do away with the tedious hiring process! Our recruiters and headhunters will source and pre-screen trained professionals best suited to be part of your extended team, with a special focus on hiring programmers, software developers, and other IT professionals currently at the height of their careers
  • Cut payroll costs up to 70% or more! Our skilled accountants and payroll specialists will assist you in structuring your compensation packages and employee benefits in accordance with the low labor costs in the Philippines
  • As your staff leasing provider and business partner, we will utilize legal methods on how to minimize, or better yet, eliminate tax and insurance concerns from your enterprise
  • We provide a variety of the facilities, infrastructures, and tools you will need in your operation in the Philippines, from class-A buildings, private offices with biometric access, and options for your choice of cubicles and desks to online HR software systems and advanced IT infrastructure
  • Our HR management team will manage your leased staff on your behalf and provide training and career development to ensure they meet your business needs, whether for a per-project contractual basis or temporary filling of vacant non-executive positions
  • We offer 24/7 scheduling, assuring you have the freedom to choose which timeframe your leased staff will work for you

We offer flexible serviced offices for companies looking to incubate their offshore team in one of KMC Solutions’ state-of-the-art and modern facilities, with locations in:

  • Makati City,
  • Bonifacio Global City (BGC),
  • Manila City,
  • McKinley West,
  • Ortigas Center,
  • Mandaluyong,
  • Quezon City,
  • Cebu City,
  • Iloilo City, and
  • Other areas of economic development in the Philippines.

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