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Flexitime Work

11 Jan: Flexitime for Business

Flexible time arrangement at work is a common practice in the Philippines. Working hours in the country can vary depending on the discretion of the employer (provided they fall under local labor laws and industry standards).

4 Rules for Every Recruiter Texting Job Candidates - pic opt

05 Oct: 4 Rules for Every Recruiter Texting Job Candidates

Text messaging is a valuable communications tool that recruiters can use to easily connect with candidates. It helps increase engagement and improve the hiring process through faster delivery of information and effective management of expectations. It also facilitates uninterrupted communication, helping a recruiter cut down unproductive correspondence with less qualified or uninterested candidates.

Why Businesses Hire Recruitment Firms in the Philippines - pic

26 Sep: Why Businesses Hire Recruitment Firms in the Philippines

Recruitment firms remain a viable choice for companies that want to expand their workforce. Clients acquire additional human resources to accomplish tasks generated by inquiries and services availed by clients. However, companies can’t always conduct the recruitment process on their own considering their tight schedules and the substantial amount of workloads.

RAP Your Way Up in Bagging a Job Offer _ KCG

26 Jul: “RAP” Your Way Up in Bagging a Job Offer

After days or weeks of waiting, your application was noticed and you got invited for a face-to-face interview. On paper, you were deemed qualified – nice! But how would you ensure that once you walk in that door, you will go home with a signed job offer in your hand and a new career opportunity to look forward to? For that to happen, you have to get ready for the big day by doing three (3) things:

Anatomy of the Best Candidate: A Recruiter's Perspective

06 Jul: Anatomy of the Best Candidate

As a jobseeker, you might be wondering what recruiters look for in their talent pool to bring in the best candidates fit for their job requirements – especially if you are a fresh graduate excited to explore the world of “adulting”. To give you a head start, here are some qualities you need to possess to know if you can be classified as among the best:


10 Jan: DOLE’s flexible work arrangements

In response to the global financial crisis of 2009, the Philippine Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) issued an advisory on how to adopt flexible work arrangements as a guide for private establishments to carry out. In a press release from DOLE, the organization cited that these guidelines will help organizations that wish to adopt flexible work arrangements as a “coping mechanism and remedial measure” in alleviating the effects of the global financial crisis on a local level.