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6 Ways To Ace Your Virtual Interview During the COVID-19 Pandemic
6 Ways To Ace Your Virtual Interview During the COVID-19 Pandemic [Infographic]

6 Ways To Ace Your Virtual Interview During the COVID-19 Pandemic [Infographic]

The COVID-19 pandemic pushed companies to utilize online platforms to reach out and interview potential candidates. As you look for your next job offer, employers will likely conduct your interview virtually to adhere to government restrictions in response to the pandemic. 

To help you ace your virtual interview, we listed a few tips to help you improve your virtual interview skills and kickstart your future career. 

#1: Do A Test-Run on Your Devices

Make sure to test all of your devices beforehand. Check your camera, microphone, and laptop/computer a day before the interview. This gives you time to resolve any issues that you may encounter. Doing another test-run 30-15 minutes before the interview is also advisable. 

#2: Secure a Stable Internet Connection

Setting up close to your Wifi router ensures the stability of your internet connection. You can also improve your connection by:

  • Removing background applications
  • Stopping downloads
  • Connecting to an ethernet cable (if applicable)

If you rely on cellular data for internet connection, it’s advisable to find a place with the strongest mobile signal during your interview. 

#3: Limit Distractions

Remove any unnecessary distractions. A room, an office, or even a small desk will help you focus better. Having a white wall or clean background will also help your interview as it lets the employer focus on you.

#4: Prepare in Advance

Recruiters will likely ask you about their company. Doing research about the company beforehand will help you answer such questions and gives you the opportunity to sell yourself and the skills you can offer. 

#5: Wear Professional Attire

Dress to impress as they always say. Despite a virtual interview being void of personal interaction, your interviewer is still able to see you. Wear professional attire to show that you are serious and fit for the job.

#6: Be Authentic

During your interview, recruiters will ask you what you can offer to their company. Take this as an opportunity to show the recruiter your personality and why you’re the best person for the job. Goals, interests, hobbies, and other skills are a few topics that you can cover to showcase yourself.

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