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Administration Orders Revision of Regulations for S&T Experts
Administration Orders Revision of Regulations for S&T Experts

Administration Orders Revision of Rules and Incentives for S&T Professionals in the Philippines

The administration instructed the revision of the rules and regulations of the scientific career system (SCS), quoting that the country needs to keep up with the “evolving needs” of science and technology (S&T) professionals.

The president issued Executive Order (EO) No. 17, titled “Revising the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Scientific Career System Under Executive Order No. 901 (S.1983),” on February 20.

The order stated that the SCS should serve as a system of recruitment, career progression, recognition, and reward of scientists in public service aimed at developing a pool of highly qualified and productive scientific personnel.

The EO noted, “The system will be characterized by [the] entrance to and a career progression or advancement based on qualifications, merit, and scientific productivity, career path to scientists, as well as incentives and rewards to ensure attraction and retention of highly qualified personnel in the science and technology sector.”

Moreover, the order added that the SCS became a part of the civil service to support and encourage Science and Technology developments. Attracting scientific experts into public service and providing recognition and rewards related to technological and scientific productivity in government are also under civil service.

According to the Palace, the system applies to scientific professionals with master’s and doctorate degrees in sciences directly involved in research and development. Experts in biological sciences, engineering and technology, mathematical and physical sciences, health and agricultural sciences, and all scientific disciplines determined by the Science Career Council (SCC) also count.

The Palace stated, “The system will be chaired by the chairperson of the Civil Service Commission and will be co-chaired by the secretary of the Department of Science and Technology.”

Former President Ferdinand E. Marcos signed the executive order establishing the SCS in 1983 to support and encourage science and technology in the Philippines.


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