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Labor Groups Anticipate ₱150 Wage Increase
Labor Groups Anticipate ₱150 Wage Increase

Labor Groups Anticipate ₱150 Legislated Wage Hike in the Philippines

Labor groups remain optimistic that the proposed ₱150 across-the-board statutory wage raise will become law.

The country’s two largest labor organizations, the Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) and the Free Labor Federation (FFF), stated that they are positive about the enactment of Senate Bill (SB) 2002 after the Senate Committee on Labor and Employment concluded the work of the technical working group.

Authored by Senate President Juan Miguel Zubiri, SB 2002 calls for a ₱150 wage hike for private sectors in all regions to cushion the effects of rapid price increases that significantly reduced profit allowances for minimum wage workers.

TUCP Vice President Luis Corral noted, “TUCP stands in resolute support of Senate Bill 2002, which advocates for an across-the-board P150 wage increase for workers nationwide, as the Senate Committee on Labor and Employment wraps up the work of the technical working group (TWG) where TUCP consistently and actively participated in.”

In addition, he cited, “Senate Bill 2002 is a beacon of hope for our workers, offering not just a financial reprieve but a tangible recognition of their invaluable contributions to our society. The proposed across-the-board P150 wage increase is not merely a matter of economics, but of simple justice, common fairness and respect for the worker that sustains our nation’s progress.”

FFF President Sonny Matula expressed gratitude for the wage hike increases in 12 of the country’s 17 regions. However, he cited that the wage orders issued by the Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Boards (RTWPB) were insufficient as they did not address the stark differences in wages between regions and within the agricultural sector, which he added impedes economic inclusivity and perpetuates discrimination.

Matula added, “If the Senate and the House can act on the P150 across-the-board wage increase, it would be a significant help for ordinary workers, as it will boost the economy, particularly in rural areas.”

House Deputy Speaker Raymond Democrtio Mendoza filed A counterpart measure, House Bill (HB) 7871, or the “Wage Recovery Act of 2023.”

HB 7871 is intended to address the persistent loss in the actual value of salaries as a result of rising inflation. It has already been approved by a committee level.

Corral stated that SB 2002 and HB 79871 are critical steps in addressing the work forces’ pressing needs, fostering a more equitable economic landscape, and addressing the growing gap between improved labor productivity and stagnant wage levels.


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