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The global economy is fueled by constant innovation and change. The fluctuations in demand and supply are stirred by a constant shift in customer preferences, challenging businesses to row against an influx of competitive initiatives in the market. Organizations have to face these circumstances while steering and influencing consumer behavior at the same time. Amid the chaos, the “ace” which any strong business can hold onto in order to retain an upper hand in the long run is its pool of highly-skilled, talented, and committed people. This is one component of businesses today which is considered a crucial key to unlock long-term and sustainable growth – talent recruitment.

Focusing in the Philippines, the boom of several industries, such as the Information Technology and Business Process Management (IT-BPM) which, according to the Department of Trade and Industry is “…one of the best-performing and employment generating activities in the past four years”, and the manufacturing industry which grew by 10.5% in 2013 and 8.1% in 2014, has propelled the demand for highly-skilled and talented individuals to greater heights. Talent recruitment practices and strategies in the local setting are constantly being disrupted and getting the right people has become a tough competition. With individuals and professionals exploring opportunities outside their original industries and fields of expertise, recruiters are now facing more challenges in attracting the right kind of talent. The accessibility of knowledge with just a few clicks empowers individuals to acquire skills within just a few days to just a couple of weeks (e.g. Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) can be finished within 3 to 6 months). Identifying real, quality talents from those which are just cleverly-packaged in resumes is now a prominent obstacle for companies.

While talent recruitment has become a more exigent duty, the industry for human resource services and recruitment has also expanded to respond to the growing demand for more efficient ways to attract and recruit the right people. In the Philippines, businesses now seek the expertise of recruitment firms in manila and across the country in order to expedite the placement of the best people for local roles at different levels of organizations. It is, therefore, important for companies to partner with the best recruitment firms in order to push the organization forward. There are several important factors to keep in mind when selecting from a sea of recruitment firms offering to answer your company’s requirements.

  1. The recruitment firm has to have an in-depth understanding of your business and industry:
    If a recruitment firm immediately offers solutions without even understanding your company’s pain-points, then it is a glaring sign that this company provides “one-size-fits-all” services. Talent recruitment is a highly-specialized service which requires tailor-fit solutions based on the role which needs to be filled, the growth trajectory of the company, and the industry’s retrenchment or expansion. Given such information, your business should be able to work better with the recruitment company in order to attract and identify the best talents for the position.
  2. The recruitment firm has to have access to the best talents and network:
    Recruitment is a highly-personal business. It deals with people’s capacities, aspirations, and plans, which have to be aligned with business priorities. At the bottom of the recruitment strategy should be a robust network of high-caliber individuals who place premium on learning and growth; whose personal aspirations follow an upward curve towards self-actualization; whose values reflect positivity and confidence; and whose general desires are to contribute to something greater than himself/herself. It is important for a recruitment firm to be well-connected, across industries, in order to have direct access to these candidates.
  3. The recruitment firm has to have leaders who also have actual experience and a good track record in running organizations:
    There will always be disconnection between theory and practice, but it is ideal to close this gap by having both knowledge-based and practical approaches in resolving organizational problems. This goes the same with recruitment services. A credible recruitment firm understands how people are integrated into the actual operations of a business based on first-hand experiences of those spearheading the recruitment process. Those handling the recruitment should have been, as much as possible, exposed to the operations of industries and organizations. This way, they are able to effectively match the talent to the job requirements not just based on encoded job descriptions but also on personal foresight anchored on years of solid experience in solving similar organizational dilemmas.
  4. The recruitment firm has to have integrated and holistic business solutions:
    In the Philippines, “sachet” solutions are norms for many businesses hoping to offer economic options and customized portions of services. While this is a highly attractive way to look at recruitment services, a reliable recruitment firm deeply understands and is a staunch advocate of a holistic approach to recruitment. This means your partner recruitment firm should be committed to see you succeed with your people by having a macro view of your strategies, and offering end-to-end assistance without leaving you short-changed with only portions of services rendered.
  5. The recruitment firm has to be abreast with local market trends:
    If a recruitment partner is truly committed to providing top-class strategic recommendations to its clients, it has to have access to empirical insights and trends in the local market, across different industries. A recruitment firm in Manila can only provide valid and valuable services to its local and international clients if it is committed to understanding and staying ten steps ahead of the market projections in Manila and the Philippines in general. This means the recruitment firm has to be fully immersed in different areas of society – politics, economy, health, education, etc. – in order to paint a comprehensive picture of the business environment which its clients are playing in and in order to know where and how to tap the potential talent pools from different sectors.Poor recruitment practices will have strong and negative implications to business in the long run. It will impact bottom line, impede the organization’s growth with a high turn-over rate, low employee engagement and low productivity. On the other hand, sound recruitment solutions which are integrated into corporate strategies will enable individuals and businesses to harness their full potential, resulting to fulfilled and empowered workers, higher profit margins, and long-term synchronized growth trajectory for individuals and businesses.  Behind all these should be a reliable partner providing world-class recruitment solutions, realized through solid human talent harmonized with organizational goals.


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