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TUCP Supports Administration’s Vision for Filipino Workers
TUCP Supports Administration’s Vision for Filipino Workers

TUCP Expressed Its Support for the Administration’s Vision Towards Filipino Workers

The Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) showed its full support and participation in the current administration’s vision for Filipino workers, as mentioned in the recent State of the Nation Address. 

TUCP President Raymond Mendoza stated, “It is clear to us now that the President has a vision for our country and people. TUCP unions and informal worker-members are with the President full steam ahead.”

Mendoza noted that TUCP is ready to cooperate with the government to “create a better life for Filipino employees.” 

As the country’s biggest workers group, Mendoza mentioned that the group will push for more jobs and economic recovery to solve issues mounting from the three million unemployed and seven million underemployed Filipinos.

He cited, “The ‘Build, Build, Build’ Program should lead to the creation of four million decent jobs with living wages in 2022 to 2023. Construction jobs will have multiplier job creation effects.”

For the time being, Mendoza explained that infrastructure enhancement such as railways, agri-industrial hubs, and farm-to-market roads must be pursued in order to expedite employment and generate economic activities.

Moreover, he mentioned that he would propose a passage of the Magna Carta of Informal Workers, encouraging to end “endo” in the private sector. In addition, he will nudge the National Wages and Productivity Commission Regional Wage Boards (NWPC) to aim at the scheduling of providing minimum wages of at least 5% above the poverty threshold.

TUCP supports the administration being on top of the Department of Agriculture to decrease rice prices, review the rice tariffication law, and negotiate with China to “ensure our fishermen can fish freely in the West Philippine Sea.”

Mendoza noted, “TUCP hopes we can all give the President the time to address the nation’s problem. TUCP is prepared to partner with the current  Administration and to give him necessary breathing room.”

In the first SONA of the current administration, they expect that the Department of Migrant Workers (DMW) will ensure assistance to overseas Filipino workers (OFWs) who lost their jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Mendoza is also a co-author of the Republic Act (RA) 8042, also known as the Migrant Workers And Overseas Filipinos Act Of 1995, which seeks to protect and promote the welfare of migrant workers.

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