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Competitive Wages in the Philippines


As a job seeker, gathering experience from your current employer helps you improve and familiarize yourself with your job responsibilities, professional skills, and workplace environment. However, the time has come for you to switch things up and you intend on exploring another industry for self-discovery and growth.

During your transition and job search you’ve noticed that there are no salary ranges and these two words are listed down as some of the benefits: “Competitive wages” and “market rates”. You’ll also notice that salary ranges are nowhere in sight. What does that mean?

Let us define that for you. These wages and rates mean that the salary range is determined by industry standards and your qualifications. Thus, a “Competitive wage” gives you the ability to negotiate your salary based on your professional skills and level of experience – to help you sustain long-term goals within your career.

However, there is one important thing you must remember: each industry has different rates from another. For example, you are in the Media Industry for a period of three years and you took a different step in your career: moving to the Business Process Outsourcing industry. That’s a huge leap, and your rate will switch up to theirs. Believing that your experience in Media is sufficient enough and that moving in allows you to expand your array of knowledge, you have decided to consider other options along the way.

Here, we’ll break down and identify the base salary for each industry for you. This will allow you to determine your best approach for the next step in your career. Additional information such as specializations based on the industry are also included for your reference. You might end up in the right industry after all!


One of the most in-demand industries in the Philippines is the BPO industry. Larger companies are known for contracting specific business tasks from different service providers across the country. Jobs such as Customer Service Support start off at Php 20,340 while Outsourced Payroll services start at Php 21,462.

The continuous rise of the BPO industry is evident up to this day, with several job listings comprising of numerous slots for CS support. More companies are starting up at new locations to go along with the expansion within the industry. However, BPO isn’t just limited to both CS and Payroll services! According to, legal services and web design are some of the many jobs being outsourced as well by several companies.


A big player that is essential as it is focused on the hardware and software utilized by most companies. Most industries hire IT specialists to manage day-to-day troubleshooting as well as creating mobile phone applications and optimizing servers for companies to efficiently distribute bits and pieces of information inside the office. A Front-End Developer and Junior Software Analyst start with Php 21,947.

Mobile applications such as office suites, retail services, and easy access to your personal bank accounts are created by Mobile Developers. But if you have a strong affection for video games and you aspire to take part in developing a triple A (AAA) video game title with the big names in video game development like Ubisoft and/or Electronic Arts (EA), you can also apply as a Software Developer.


From advertising firms to TV networks, the Media Industry offers a wide range of fields for Broadcasting, Journalism, and Marketing graduates. Besides major TV networks, independent production outfits are also a part of this industry. Competitive wages within the industry are usually rare but if you manage to secure one, some venturing in Journalism will get you the starting salary of Php 22,446.

The heart and soul of every television show, news magazine program, game show, and commercial resonates within this industry. Networks hire Production Assistants to handle the physical tasks in producing these materials for airing while Segment Producers are hired for different TV shows, allowing discussions in conceptualizing variety. Production outfits, on the other hand, are going for candidates who are willing to hone their talents in a smaller, project-based environment.


The industry behind managing compensations, benefits, and creating the best out of you and your co-workers. Human Resources personnel are known for creating and providing training programs to help employees develop their skill sets. HR specialists, consultants, and recruiters start at Php 21,462.

HR professionals are responsible for recruiting and producing competent employees, as well as overseeing their development for the duration of their service to the company. The HR industry serves as the driving force for companies to ensure that their employees are satisfied with their jobs. HR departments promote teamwork among departments and maintain camaraderie.


Automotive, Food Processing, Computer, and Aerospace are some of the stellar fields in the Manufacturing Industry. They are responsible for the creation of different technological advancements from their respective fields. According to most job listings at, some range from Php 22,000 to almost Php 29,000.

The cellphones you use for day-to-day communication, the vehicles you take to work, the clothes you wear, and processed food used by different food kiosks are among the many products in this industry. Machines and heavy equipment are also manufactured mostly by hand, with some handled by automated machines that are operated by man. If it isn’t for this industry, technology will cease to innovate.

Curious whether these industries will accept your experience from your previous employment? Do you think you have found the industry where you truly belong? Here at Kittelson & Carpo Consulting, we will offer our services to help you with your career path and match you with employers looking for seasoned jobseekers.

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