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Four Interview Questions Which Can Identify Ideal Talent in the Philippines
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Four Interview Questions Which Can Identify Ideal Talent in the Philippines

Today’s market can be measured by a high percentage of candidate-driven and highly competitive pool of working individuals. To stay ahead of competitors, companies of all sizes engage with recruitment firms to locate the ideal candidates for their open vacancies.

Recruitment firms help hiring companies place the right candidates by performing the following services: discuss client requirements, source candidates, and conduct the lengthiest part of the recruitment process: interviewing candidates. While recruiters help companies source for candidates, organizations will determine their capabilities and contributions to help businesses achieve their business goals.

As a business owner, how can you help recruiters properly filter their talent pipeline? How can you determine if the applicant will meet your qualifications? In this article, we’ll discuss the possible interview questions that you can endorse to recruiters to help them find the ideal candidate that best suits your job openings.

How do you work with your peers?

This question can help you analyze the candidate’s satisfaction towards their current job and the kind of atmosphere they can work on with peers. Their answers will tell you how well they work with others and the kind of interactions they initiate with their officemates.

Since recruiters screen candidates based on their technical skills and suitability for the role, you might be interested in identifying their personalities outside work. As an employer, you must remember that you are looking for people who are team players and able to collaborate with other people.

Have you achieved something at work beyond your job responsibilities?

Candidates will discuss their work experience from their previous jobs. This will give you an idea of their sense of ownership towards the job and the lengths they will go through to get their tasks done. A good answer will show their confidence in their work and professional choices as well as their concern for the company’s success.

Their response to the question will also help you identify their thought process and strategies for completing tasks at work. If you want to determine how well they performed in other aspects of their previous job, you can discuss with the recruiters on creating a competency-based interview. According to, this method allows the employer and recruiter to identify how well the candidate would react when faced with a similar situation inside the workplace.

What is your definition of hard work?

Candidates can simply say that they are hard working, but how will you determine if they are prepared to take up the responsibilities of the job? Asking candidates this question will give you an idea of their perspective towards hard work.

It can also distinguish candidates who are “actually” hardworking from those who express that they are such but do not have enough skills and experiences to substantiate their claim. It will also help you get a grasp of the strength of their character and work ethic.

To recognize if a candidate does possess strong work ethics, Talentlyft states the importance of looking beyond the candidate’s qualification and skills. Recruiters should dig deeper and assess the relevant characteristics required to achieve long-term success in the job.

What are you contented in doing every day for the company?

All companies hire for skills. Though the hiring process can be made swift with a good recruitment firm, retaining top employees is a difficult task. Aside from skills enhancement, employee satisfaction and happiness also matter in the workplace. A survey conducted by The New York Times shows that employee satisfaction and productivity increase if these four needs are met: physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual.

According to the 2016 Society for Human Resource Management’s (SHRM) Employee Satisfaction and Engagement Survey, 67% of employees consider “respectful treatment” as an essential factor towards job satisfaction. Other factors include job security at 58%, trust between employees and senior management landing at 55%, among others.

Build your Workforce with the Right Candidates.

With the right questions, you can gauge each applicant and their capability to contribute towards your growing and diverse workforce. However, even with a refined interview and employment process, you may still encounter difficulties in sourcing the right talent for your vacancies.

Employing for key personnel can take some time, but with the help of our headhunters, we will work closely with you to fill your skill gaps at every employment position.

KC Global Talent Solutions’ Executive Search services will provide you with top performers for your C-level, senior management, and technical positions. Our talent pipeline consists of top-performing candidates from various industries and with diverse professional backgrounds to match your requirements.


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