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3 Reasons Why Companies Work With Executive Search Firms
Executive Headhunters

Why Organizations Work With Executive Headhunters

Executive Headhunters are the go-to when it comes to hiring hard-to-fill positions of technical, niche, and administrative nature. In recent times, they evolved beyond the common goal of locating the right candidate fit for leadership roles in an organization. Sometimes, the headhunters may also fill other roles like acting as the client’s ambassador by advocating the organization’s vision, culture, and other attributes.

However, the main reason why because a client may not have enough time to search on their own, or they lack the resources to conduct an executive search. This is why they work with an executive search firm to speed-up the recruitment process.

There are many reasons why an organization hire the expertise of an executive headhunter based on its specifications and necessities. In this article, we lay down three reasons that convince any organization why they need to hire an executive headhunter to locate the most suitable and talented individuals for their vacancies

Able to Utilize “Employee Poaching”

Employee or talent poaching refers to hiring current or former employees from a competitor. Companies looking for candidates working in an executive, niche, and technical position utilize employee poaching. Although its ethical practice is questionable, Pasha Law states that employee poaching is entirely legal if the talent is from an unrelated industry.

According to Entrepreneur, there are different methods to poach talent. The process usually involves following industry leaders on social media or attending conferences to search for top talent. Even headhunters schedule video conferences or meetings to discuss job offers to their prospects away from their current employers.

Companies like Google use talent poaching to acquire prized talent from other organizations. The New York Times reported Google’s success in acquiring Yahoo! India’s Chief Technology Officer to head their Research and Development Center in Bangalore, India. The move prompted Yahoo! to relocate another veteran executive from Sunnyvale, California, USA to act in place of the executive talent poached by Google.


Headhunters uphold confidentiality to protect the client’s executive search requirements. According to Stanton Chase, conducting an executive search is sensitive. Both clients and headhunters must keep this information in full secrecy. However, the headhunter must not alienate from customers and shareholders while they keep the executive search and its information away from the client’s competitors.

The Harvard Business Review provided the following methods to conduct a confidential executive search successfully:

  • Avoiding specifics such as the name of the client’s organization and the job title;
  • Integration of Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to enforce the confidentiality of all information related to the search;
  • Limiting the search committee to not more than 4 people; and
  • Keeping the communication between the client and the search committee discreet.

Access to Organizational and People Solutions

According to Medium, the entire headhunting process today is not about looking for the candidate who matches the job description. Instead, executive search firms must evolve and react to the rise of unique recruitment methodologies by packaging their headhunting and recruitment services with additional capabilities.

Executive search firms invest in succession practices, performance management, and other services to help organizations analyze their internal or gauge the effectivity of their human resources management. Korn Ferry, an organizational consulting firm, not only offers talent acquisition, but also assessment and leadership development.

In this case, Forbes’ Communication Council suggests headhunters to personally reach out to their clients and see whether they can support them beyond executive search. They can keep in touch with them to ask for their feedback and identify industries that may require additional services.

Looking to Hire Decision-Makers for Your Workforce?

Internal and external changes, disruption in technology, and the push for diversity are just one of the many benefits why an organization hires the expertise of an executive headhunter. However, there are still other factors to consider when hiring headhunters to do the job, especially if you require an executive as soon as possible.

Clients feel a sense of urgency to build a team consisting of skilled talent, but they need access to the best people in the job market. As the competition for top candidates remains tight, KC Global Talent Solutions is ready to get the job done. By utilizing best practices in talent sourcing and industry networking, we can pitch the ideal candidate that suits your talent needs.


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