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How to Virtually Land a Job During the COVID-19 Pandemic
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Job Hunting During COVID-19: How to Virtually Land a Job During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, online job portals or job boards have already taken the world by storm. They offer convenience to both job seekers and employers. And everything both parties need is accessible in a single click. 

By using job portals, job seekers can freely apply for opportunities they qualify for. On the other hand, employers can post their current vacancies for job seekers to apply for. Some employers, over time, took the opportunity to create their own job portals so applicants can directly and send their applications. With all these online means available, it has become easier for job seekers to hunt for a new job

But an overwhelming supply of means for landing a job doesn’t necessarily guarantee you’ll be able to secure one. To help you, we list down our top effective means for successfully landing a job during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Be Resourceful, Know and Maximize Your Means

Job applications are mostly conducted online now, so applicants can exhaust all the job boards they can find and apply to as many opportunities for more chances of landing a job. A benefit of this is doing away with the stress of commuting from one place to another, spending money on fares and photocopies of their resume, and being exposed to the virus.

As a common fact, many companies are adopting flexible work from home arrangements to sustain business operations amid the pandemic. Unfortunately, some companies that were not able to continuously operate either suspended operations or filed for bankruptcy. On the other hand, those who operate businesses in the essential industries are able to thrive despite the country’s implementation of the Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ). It is good to know which is which as a job seeker. This can help you filter and focus your application to employers who are continuously operating and really needs to hire employees as soon as possible compared to those who are just pooling for applicants and will probably hire after the pandemic. 

Also, when applying, it is good to mention your other skill-sets, even though they may be unrelated to the position. This is a great way to showcase that you have skill-sets that may come in handy in the future. A lot of webinars are made available by various organizations for free and they can help you learn new skills and upgrade your current skill-set. Being proactive and motivated to continuously learn is always a plus factor. 

Be Prepared During Virtual Interviews

An employer noticed that your profile is a potential fit for their vacancy and has scheduled you for a virtual interview. Considering that you do not need to be physically present in their office for this, you are expected to come online on the exact schedule. 

Still, there are things that can make you come later than expected, even if you are only a few inches from your mobile or computer. To avoid that problem, remember to do the following at least a few hours before the interview:

  • Familiarize yourself with the application or software which your interviewer will be using to conduct the interview. If possible, practice with a friend just to see if there won’t be any technical problems.
  • Check your internet stability if it is web-based or your phone reception if it will be via mobile phone. You would not want to proceed with the interview if you have poor internet connection or phone reception.
  • Find a place in your house where you have a good connection and quiet environment. The last thing you want would be weird noises and unnecessary interruptions during your interview.
  • If the interview will be a video call or conference, make sure you look presentable. Even in virtual interviews, first impressions also matter. Make sure you sound and look enthusiastic during the call. Even virtually, try to make a positive impact on your interviewer.
  • Always review the background of the company you’re applying to. If possible, get to know your interviewer as well. Try to look them up on LinkedIn just so you can have even the tiniest idea of who they are.
  • Always be ready to receive the call at least thirty (30) minutes before the set schedule.

Merely following these small things and preparations can land you the job so it will not hurt to take these into consideration.

Be Practical When Choosing Your Next Career Move

So your interviewers got impressed and are inclined on giving you a shot to be part of their team. They sent you a job offer via email for you to review and sign should you find the terms in line with what you’re expecting. Before signing that offer, here are some tips that you can take into account:

  • At this period of time, health cards are essential not only for the employee but also for his/her dependents. Due to higher risks of getting sick, having one can really come in handy. Since not all employers give new hires health cards on day one, you can take into consideration increasing your salary expectation by a few bucks to cover your health card payments.
  • You may want to look into the location and options for working remotely. Working closer to home or even remotely can lower your risk of getting sick and can also save you time from commuting and will have you less exposed.

Having the means to do a lot of things virtually really saved a lot of people during this crisis. Life can still continue despite having some restrictions. But more than ever, it is important for you to actually maximize all the means available at your disposal so you can have a safe and efficient job hunt. In these trying times, you should not let the crisis hinder you from landing your dream job. Stay home, safe, motivated, and hungry for improvement.


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