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Why You Should Join A Startup At Least Once In Your Career
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Why You Should Join A Startup At Least Once In Your Career

Are you looking to break free from your workplace routine? Have you got your eyes on an up and coming startup? Or are you just considering your current career options? If these are questions you find yourself wondering the answers to, then you should consider joining a startup company as your next career move.

Working for a startup company can make you more capable than you’ve ever been as a professional. Now that these fast-growing businesses are rapidly thriving in the market, this may be your opportunity to maximize your career goals and expand your knowledge.  

Let’s explore the reasons why you should join a startup at least once in your career.

More Responsibility

At a medium or larger-sized company, particularly in the corporate setting, there is generally a standard way of doing things, with a year’s worth of specially tailored systems and procedures set in place to back it up. So given the scale of the company, you rarely get to branch out of your reach or serve more leadership functions, and in most cases, you aren’t allowed to. 

The same is not the case for a startup company. If at a bigger company, you are rarely given the autonomy to develop your professional skills, at a startup, you are always encouraged to. Not only will you be given the trust to be a part of the inner workings of the company, but in addition to that, you will also be empowered to become a better leader. 

The opportunity to lead more tasks and be in charge of broader responsibilities at a very early stage in your career in the company will make you grow as a professional. 

More Opportunities

Due to the lack of formal or strict barriers in a startup workplace, you are immediately given free exposure to diverse opportunities to develop your skills, establish new connections, and get your hands dirty in different facets of the business. 

You’ll also get more resume bullets than you ever thought was possible in a startup, as you assume more roles and adapt to new opportunities. Not to mention all the additional skills that will rub off on you as you interact with innovators and the people you work with. You will ultimately reap the benefits of having all skills gather in a small environment. 

In an ever-changing and improving company, you get expertise from new experiences and gain more profound knowledge from interactions and in wearing different professional hats in the industry that you likely wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. 

Great Environment And Company Culture

Startups are anything but conventional, and their work atmosphere is no exception. Rather than the standard workstations or cubicles, many startups offer a more relaxed, casual, and flexible ecosystem that is designed to feed your creativity.

Not to mention that you will be working with individuals with the same energy and eagerness for creation and productivity as you do. Constantly innovating and interacting with other departments. 

Most early employees are even a part of conversations about business operations, and even if you don’t have a say, as they grow you’ll have a front-row seat.

Learn From Innovators

Every thriving startup company has its own set of true innovators, and if you find the right ones, you will learn a lot from them. Because of their innovative and progressive nature, entrepreneurs are some of the best people to learn from. They push innovation to a level beyond creativity and solve problems with a brand-new and enlightening perspective. They will encourage you to always see the other side of a problem and expose you to the complexities of their business. The energy of their leadership will be evident, and that energy will be contagious.

Get Promotions

In the corporate setting, you typically have to follow a set path before you can advance to the next role. In most prominent companies, you even need at least a 5-year experience along with commendations in your current job title to be eligible for a promotion. Even new employees who do very well in the company and contribute considerably to its advancement can immediately begin stepping up the ladder or hold titles and benefits that only senior employees get in the corporate environment.

In startups, as an individual and as a professional, you will have your own stake in the company’s growth. As the company thrives and grows in the industry, so will you.

Create Real Impact

Unlike working at a larger corporation, all your work in a startup will be meaningful to your coworkers, boss, and the company. Operating in a close and collaborative environment also allows you to get recognized for your continuous efforts. 

Startups regularly consist of a tight group of innovators; usually having fewer people, so everybody’s role no matter how big or small is acknowledged and is crucial to the development of the business. The commitment you provide will not go unnoticed in a sea of workers, and no one can take credit for your contributions. Your voice will be louder, and your suggestions will be better heard.

The Startup Life Isn’t For Everyone, But It’s Worth It

Before you consider joining a startup, like joining any other company, it is advised that you find out as much as you can about them and their goals first. Do your due diligence in making sure that your objectives, lifestyle, and passion aligns with the company, and move forward from there.

In many ways, the transition from a medium or larger-sized company to an up and coming startup is challenging. But joining a startup is a unique opportunity worth experiencing. You will no longer be a small cog in a giant machine. Instead, you will be helping to build something great. Everything you do will be in service to a goal, and a contribution to the ultimate success or failure of the business.


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